Tribal Tattoo Designs

Choosing the ideal tattoo design can be a difficult decision. Some people considering a tattoo just want something that looks pretty, but most people want a symbolic tattoo; they want their new body art to represent an aspect of their personality or background. The history of tattoos reinforces the idea that most tattoos are important because they have meaning. Different types of tattoos have served different societal purposes that reach far beyond the aesthetic, and this is no less true today.

Tribal tattoos, for example, are a specific type of tattoos that conveyed a historical meaning which still rings true. What are tribal tattoos, you may be wondering?The exact definition varies, but in general, tribal tattoos have always been used to represent an affiliation with a particular group. Although the definition of tribal tattoos has changed over time to encompass any solid black tattoo with a "tribal feel", for many people today, the importance of tribal tattoos is consistent with this historical desire for group identity. For example, many people today choose tribal tattoos because celebrities have them (ironically, this reason is true to the original purpose of tribal tattoos: the desire to show belonging to a peer group.

The coloring of tribal tattoos, like their meaning, has also remained consistent. Tribal tattoos historically were all black because black was the only color that could be imprinted on skin. This is still true today- any tribal tattoo must be monotone in color. Some say this coloring makes it easy to apply tribal tattoos correctly, but others dispute this fact, arguing that the shading necessary makes tribal tattoos more difficult to apply.

The monotone color does not limit the beauty or significance of these tribal tattoos. Tribal Tattoos include everything from animals to Celtic symbols, and can be quite beautiful. This Tribal Tattoo Gallery highlights some of the many popular tribal tattoos including Celtic, Polynesian, and Native American tribal tattoos, to get you started in your selection.

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