Tribal Decals

Tribal decals are sometimes known as tribal stickers because of the adhesive coating used. This coating allows the stickers to affix to any clean and smooth surface. Some manufacturers make them removable in that they come right off, while others make permanent versions that are meant for long-term use. These range in size depending on the reason for their use.

For example, those tribal decals used on cars are fairly big and may be long enough to fit directly across the windshield. Then there are the decals used on motorcycles, which are significantly smaller, usually in the range of 1-2 feet long. There are also some decals used for more decorative purposes around the house. These small stickers are usually 8 inches long or even smaller.

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  • Is It Fast: retailer of die-cut tribal decals.
  • Vinz Decals: seller of vinyl decals for cars, trucks and other vehicles.
  • Tribal Decals: leading seller of decals for motorcycles and cars.
  • Vinyl Decals: sells several different types of these decals.
  • Tribal Stickers: sellers of tribal stickers and decals.
  • Decal Store: specializes in vinyl decals for vehicles.
  • Sticker Girl: sells tribal stickers in several different sizes and shapes.

Tribal decals are a fun way to change up the look of any item. They're made in the same classic designs that Native American people used throughout history. There are some popular trends used such as flames, hearts and animals. There are even some decals that combine a variety of trends into one piece such as an eagle placed in a series of long flames.

These decals come in two different ways. The first is the decal that uses a peel-off adhesive backing. The backing pulls away from the design and it's placed right onto the surface of an item. The second version rubs onto the surface of the item. The design goes into place and the heat caused by rubbing the back transfers it onto the surface. Both are great decals that work on many different items including vehicles and household appliances. The user just needs to decide where they want to put it.

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