Tribal Dance

The music of the Native Americans was very important to each culture, with various ceremonies and dances passed down from generation to generation. The dance and music is said to come from deities and spirits, or from individuals in the tribes that were very highly respected. Dances performed by the Native Americans represented many things- stories, war, and family, to name a few. Each dance was symbolized by specific costumes and music. Men and women usually had specific roles that they would play in a lot of the various tribal dances. However, there are dances that men and women would dance together. Each tribe would have their own tribal dances, each with their own meanings.

There are many tribal dances that were performed for various reasons. The Banobo dance, performed from the Higaonon tribe, used this tribal dance in the hopes of a good planting and harvesting cycle of rice. The Dandiya dance, performed by the tribe Gujarat, is a tribal dance done with the use of sticks. Each dancer holds two sticks, and strikes them to the left and to the right as the whole group dances. Some dances were performed in the hopes of rain or for a great crop, or for a wedding to wish luck on the new bride and groom.

The belly dance is one of the most common tribal dances known today. It combines the Middle Eastern dances with many ethnic movements, such as classical Native American dances. Belly dancing is a form of dancing reserved for women, and consists of a flamboyant costume made from tribal jewelry, adornments, beads and bright clothing. Tribal dancers use their hip and stomach muscles throughout the dance, and perform a fast and complex series of movements. Belly dancing is one of the more intricate and difficult dances, and is also thought to be the most sexual.

Tribal dances are usually simple, and many times performed simply out of happiness and joy. They may simply celebrate a new birth or wedding. Many of the dances are simple, involving very few steps. Tribal dances continue to be a simple way to express happiness, and to have fun.

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