Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are widely used in many countries. These multi-bladed weapons are highly dangerous and deadly, and they require rigorous training to master. Knife throwing is not only used for combating; it is also a form of art. In this modern age, the practice of knife throwing has become a form of entertainment and a sport.

Throwing knives were first used by ancient tribes in Africa, Asia, and America. They were mostly used for hunting and combating. The African tribes were known for their great knife-throwing skills, and they threw knives at their enemies and horses during warfare. It is believed that the knives they used had poisonous tips. Throwing knives were not only used as weapons; they were also symbols of status for the African tribes.

Throwing a knife to hit a target needs great precision and skill, and therefore, it has become a form of art. With sufficient training, a knife-thrower can launch a knife with great force and hit a target at exactly the point that he is aiming for. Ordinarily, the knife-thrower holds the blade of the knife with a pinch grip or a blade grip, and then he throws the knife with a little flick so that it will spin in the air as it approaches the target. If the throw is good, the tip of the knife will stick to the target. Because there are different styles and purposes of knife-throwing, knives of different materials and specifications are produced.

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Throwing knives are different from the ordinary knives that people use in everyday living. They are made of materials that are lightweight, and they are shaped in such a way that they are more aerodynamic. Modern knives are mostly made of soft steels that are flexible. A throwing knife is a single piece of blade that does not have a handle. In addition, it is double-edged, but the edges are usually dull, so that they won't cut the thrower's hand.

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