The Mohawk Tribe

The Mohawk tribe, which has also been called the Mohawk nation and Kanien'kehake, is part of the Iroquois Confederation. This tribe inhabited the western part of New York State; they were in this area in the late 1500's.

Mohawk Nation: Describes many things about the Mohawk tribe, including leaders and History.

New World Encyclopedia: Information about the American Revolutionary War, relating to Mohawk history.

In the 17th century, the Mohawk tribe allied with the Dutch, who were trade partners with them. The Dutch provided the Mohawks with equipment to fight other nations and tribes that were allied with the French. When New Netherlands was overtaken and fell to the English, the Mohawks became allied with the English Crown, with which they had outstanding treaty obligations. After the Americans won the revolutionary war, Mohawk leaders signed the Canandaigua treaty with the United States on November 11, 1794.

Mohawk Indians: Details the Mohawk tribe history, dating all the way back to the fifteen hundreds.

Tribal History: A complete look at Tribal history and customs.

One of the most recognized customs of the tribe is the unique hairstyle they wore when they went to war. The hair of the Mohawks is very popular today. A lot of people wear the traditional Mohawk style, which is shaved on the sides, with hair on the top. It can either be short or really long hair sticking up.

Mohawk Indian Fact Sheet: Includes great pictures of Mohawk life.

The Women in tribes had a lot of power and control. Their primary duty was to bear children, who became part of the woman's clan and not the father's. The eldest woman in each house would be considered the clan mother. The men had duties as well; they were hunters, warriors, statesmen, and speakers. It was up to the women to decide which men would get to be the speakers.

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