Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry was used for centuries because of its brightness and color. The Egyptians even believed that the material had healing properties. Historians have found evidence of sterling silver jewelry dating back to 3000 BC, created out of silver discovered in parts of ancient Turkey. Around 900 BC the discovery of silver in Athens led to the Greeks becoming the biggest provider of silver jewelry. During the 16th century silver jewelry produced in Mexico caught on and in the following century this spread north. Native American people began creating jewelry out of the silver coins left behind by European settlers.

Modern day sterling silver jewelry owes a lot to the ideas and techniques created during the 19th century. Electroplating made creating pieces easier and Tiffany and Company appeared, specializing in silver pieces. Silver was also found in parts of the United States, which allowed regional designers in Nevada and Colorado as well as Utah put their own slant on pieces. It's worth noting that a lot of the designers had no formal training, yet created some stunning pieces.

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Sterling silver jewelry has a number of different meanings. Silver is traditionally the symbol of a 25th wedding anniversary, with some designers making specific rings and bracelets to mark the occasion. It also symbolizes the moon, an idea that came about because of the Egyptians noting the similarity in color between silver and the moon. There are some cultures today that still believe silver has healing properties.

This type of jewelry is made using a few different processes. One process involves hammering thin sheets of silver together and then bending them into the proper shape. Another technique twists silver pieces into the shape of the jewelry. There are also some who use molds by melting down silver and pouring them into a mold to mass produce different pieces. All of these techniques are used in modern times to create sterling silver jewelry.

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