Southwest Indian Pottery

Southwest Indian pottery has always been admired and treasured for the beauty and uniqueness it holds. There are many variations and types of Southwest Indian pottery that has been painstakingly handmade, and ready for purchase from the Internet.

Acoma pottery comes from the Acoma Pueblo, which is found at the top of a mesa in the state of New Mexico. Acoma pottery has many fine lines, is decorated painstakingly, and features mostly black and white geometric patterns on it. A white background is normally used by Acoma potters, and then many different figures are added, such as birds and lizards. This pottery has been admired for both the thin walls and the intricate patterns painted on it.

The Zuni pattern is a very similar style of the Acoma Southwest Indian pottery, also known for complicated patterns and the finest of lines. However, the Zuni pottery makers have recently become fond of sculpting pottery in both the shape of an owl or a chicken. They are unique pieces to own for their originality.

Hopi pottery originated from the Hopi Nation, which occupies about 650,000 acres which the Navajo reservation surrounds. This pottery uses a background of a yellow to golden color, and is usually decorated by designs found in nature. These include rain designs, plants and animals, birds, snow, trees and other natural looking artwork.

Santa Clara pottery is known best for the black and red designs, and even some black-on-black designs. This pottery is polished until it develops a bright sheen, and then the designs are either etched into the piece or carved. The black color is naturally created as the firing of the pottery piece is being done. It results from oxygen reduction, and must be carefully controlled to get the desired color.

Southwest Indian pottery can be bought from reputable websites. If you want to own a piece of handmade and highly unique pottery, then choosing something from one of these styles can be a great choice.

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