Skywalk Grand Canyon

For those planning on visiting the Grand Canyon in the distant future, the Skywalk Grand Canyon is a definite must on your trip. The Skywalk Grand Canyon is a glass horseshoe shaped bridge located 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon at the edge of the West Rim. It is built above the Colorado River. In 2005, just a year after construction began; the bridge was tested and approved for use. Test results showed the bridge can withstand up to 71 million pounds of weight.

The Skywalk Grand Canyon was designed so people could see the Grand Canyon from the eyes of an Eagle, without having to take a helicopter tour, by David Jin. The bridge actually extends away from the edge of the canyon about 65 feet. He said he wanted to “find balance between form, function and nature.” His dream came true when the glass bridge was completed.

The cost to complete the bridge project was approximately $31 million. There are plans in the works to add more to the Skywalk Complex, including a string of restaurants, a VIP lounge, gift shop, movie theater and museum. This will hopefully create a 9,000 acre development to be known as Grand Canyon West to include restaurants and a golf course, along with a cable car to help visitors get from the rim of the canyon to the Colorado River. Some people do like the idea of commercialized development on the canyon as it destroys the beauty of the land, however, many feel it is a viable way to bring much needed revenue to the Hualapai tribe.

The fee to access the Skywalk Grand Canyon is $35 for a coach ride. There is also a $45 charge for being on Hualapai land, so each person will have to pay $75 to use the Skywalk. No personal equipment is allowed on the bridge and no pictures can be taken. If you are interested in getting photos, there are three different photo stations available to have your picture taken. You can purchase a print for $29.

Regardless of opinions regarding these expansions and developments around the Grand Canyon, it is still a beautiful site to see. For those who want to experience an incredible view, the Skywalk is recommended.

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