Palomino Horses

As well-known for its beauty as its speed and endurance, the Palomino refers horses that are characterized by their golden color and their pure white mane and tail. The origin of the Palomino will likely never be known, but tales of the gold and ivory horse can be seen in even the most ancient of folklore. Many horsemen are in accord that the Palomino horse is a descendant of both the Arab and the Barb varieties. References to these golden treasures are seen in stories of the Crusades, where they were ridden during battle by the rulers of Saladin. These horses appear in the artwork as well, with their likeness prominently displayed in paintings and tapestry works of Europe and Asia. The Palomino horse is also seen depicted in Oriental art from past centuries.

For Her Majesty Marie-Isabella de Bourbon, the Palomino horse was a favorite breed. Her Majesty kept one hundred of these golden horses as her pets. So elite were they, that only the nobles and members other the royal family were granted permission to ride them. Commoners were not allowed to even own Palominos. Her Majesty, as a gesture of good will, sent her Viceroy in Mexico one of these glorious specimens along with five mares in an effort to breed them and perpetuate the Palomino horse as a species in the new world. This represents the first recording of the Palomino horse in the New World.

In truth the word Palomino only refers to a color, and not an actual breed of horse. Palomino coloring is actually prevalent in all breeds of horses. In truth, there are many shades of golden horses. The traditional Palomino horse has many capabilities, revered for its versatility of purpose, ease of handling, strength and endurance. Palominos can be found serving as ranch horses, racehorses, rodeo animals, and show horses. They are just as at home being used for recreational purposes as well. Famous Palomino horses include Trigger and Mr. Ed, both of whom are registered with the Palomino Horse Association.

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