Native American Wolf

Animals play a very important role in Native American life. Out of all living creatures, the wolf is perhaps the most revered and celebrated of all. Wolves were admired for their strength and hunting ability, and their uncanny ability to stay together and hunt in packs. The Inuit and Alaskan Native Americans especially celebrated the wolf as a soulful, strong animal that could hold its own in just about any situation. Loyalty is another important trait of the Native American wolf. It was often a part of totem poles, and represented a spirit of intelligence and cunning instinct. The Native Americans identified with the wolf as both were hunters, protected their family and were strong in both instinct and survival. Some even considered the wolf their spirit guide lending them special powers and giving lessons.

The wolf pup is integral, since it represents a new generation and symbolizes the wolves' resolve to carry on its legacy. The female Native American wolf takes care of the pups and the male wolves, and helps to create a sense of comfort and home for the pack. If she is the head of the pack, she is called the alpha female. The male wolf is the main hunter for the group, and most males hunt together. The lead male wolf is the alpha male, and leads the pack on various hunting excursions and journeys. He determines where the pack will go, and how long they will stay there. The alpha male must approve any lone wolves that attempt to enter the pack for entry. Both male and female wolves are parents to the pups until they reach maturity and can hunt on their own. This lifestyle is an inspiration to the Native American.

Today's modern dog has a need to be accepted and taken care of by humans, while the Native American wolf is an independent spirit that can live and function on its own in the wild. Unfortunately, wolves are quickly becoming endangered. This is because humans have forced them from their land, and have begun to kill off their prey, which in turn has limited their food supply. Scientists are working to conserve this beautiful species so they can remain a true spiritual force not just to Native Americans, but to all humans who share the world wolves live in.

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