Native American Tribes

The indigenous people of North America are called Native Americans. They belonged to different tribes, but they all managed to survive until today because they kept their political communities intact. Below are some of the major Native American tribes:

1) The Apache Indians: They lived in today's Arizona and New Mexico. The tribe was living in two types of environments, namely, the desert and the mountains. Their homes were called wickiups, and were built by the female members of the tribe.

Apache Indians : Provides detailed descriptions of the Apache Indians, including their way of life, homes, clothes, and others

2) The Cherokees: They called themselves Ani-Kituhwagi, which means "the people of Kituhwa". Kituhwa was an ancient city that was located near Bryson City, North Carolina, and it was where the Cherokees lived. Anthropologists discovered that the Cherokee's pottery and basketry styles resembled those of the Caribbean and South American tribes.

Cherokee Indians : Information about the Cherokee tribe

3) The Comanches: They were part of the Eastern Shoshoni that lived in the eastern part of Wyoming, near the Platte River. Some Comanche groups separated from the main tribe and moved south. Most of these groups settled in Arkansas, western Kansas, and eastern Colorado.

Comanche Indians : Information about the Comanche tribe, including its location, population, names, language, sub-nations, divisions, and more

4) The Hurons: They lived in an area called the Huronia or Ouendake, which was a small area in central Ontario, between Lake Simcoe and the southern part of Georgian Bay. After the Hurons were dispersed by the Iroquois, one group relocated to northern Quebec.

Huron Indians : Provides information about the history of the Hurons

5) The Mohican Indians: Presently, the Mohican Indians live in Wisconsin, far away from their previous location, which was between the Connecticut and Hudson River valleys. This tribe came from the west, and it is known as very civilized tribe.

Mohican Indians : Information on the Mohican Indians

The American Civil War forced many Native American tribes to relocate. Today, many Native Americans have joined the modern American society, but some of them still live their lives the traditional way, in reservation areas around the country.

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