Native American Tattoos

For many people, tattoos are a way of expressing their individuality or making a mark of something that means something to them. For Native Americans, tattoos had their own significance.

Native American tattoos meant any of a variety of things. Some of these tattoos represented military standing, or successes within the military. Other tattoo designs represented a connection with the earth or some type of significance in that area. Still others were marks made to denote family connections, ancestry, and things of that nature.

These days, tribal designs that are etched into people's bodies are often mistaken for Native American tattoos. While some of the tattoos that they had included designs similar to this, there were actual spiritual meanings behind these tattoos-they were not there just for show. Many people even believed that certain tattoo designs would endow them with great strengths and supernatural powers.

Tribal tattoos were not done in the same way that they are now, as there was nothing even close to modern technology available during the early days of Native American civilizations. A sharp object and prepared dye was normally used for the tattooing process, and while this was a very painful process it was well worth the significance and status that was associated with having a tattoo.

To this day, Native American tattoos are administered for different reasons. While many may have them for aesthetic reasons, others have them as a way of connecting with their Native roots. These tattoos have and probably always will have a large place within Native American culture.

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