Native American Rugs

The Native American people were revered and appreciated for their beautiful artwork, whether it was sculptures, baskets, tools, or ceremonial garb. Perhaps the most celebrated part of their handiwork are the gorgeous hand crafted Native American rugs that were woven, mostly by the tribal women. The Navajo rugs are still a popular décor item today, and serve as a symbol of the rich heritage and hard work that the many different North American tribes asserted. These rugs were usually dyed with vegetable dye, which is an all natural way of creating color in textiles.

Patterns in these Native American rugs would vary from zig zags, to stripes, to a beautiful diamond pattern. Some more intricate rugs even had entire scenic patterns woven into them to represent the environment in which the Native Americans lived. The rugs were symmetrical in form to represent life and balance. Some of these rugs had a special design that mimicked the chief's blanket, so they were made in the same colors and pattern. Often, these rugs were given to the chief's family as a gift or token to show respect from his tribe.

Blankets were another popular form of weaving that the Native Americans participated in. Blankets were woven in similar patterns to the rugs, and were both decorative (and often served as a window covering) and useful in keeping everyone warm. Recreations of both Native American rugs and blankets can be found at many different retailers. These beautiful pieces of culture and history are a national treasure. The most famous and expensive was a Navajo blanket that was sold in 1983 at Sotheby's Auction House for $100,000. It goes to show that these artifacts are a lovely part of our nation's heritage and should be treasured by all.

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