Native American Poetry

The culture and tradition found in Native American poetry is communicated through its beautiful phrases. In the realm of literature there are many examples of notable poems written by Native Americans.

The first example of a famous Native American poem is entitled All Is Finished, by Chief Dan George. In the Chief Dan George Poem he expresses his desire to pass on a sense of history to his grandchild. The tone of the poem moves from hope to sadness as its writer conveys a sense of lost tradition. This poem is unique in the way it emphasizes the importance of Native American history being passed down through the generations.

Chief Dan George was not only a famous poet, but a television and movie actor as well. The Background of Chief George includes a nomination for an academy award for his role in the film Little Big Man. Chief Dan George's loyalty and respect for his Native American heritage is apparent in his many creative endeavors.

 The Profile of Navarre Scott Momaday indicates that he spent his childhood within the, "...Navajo, Apache, and Pueblo cultures of the Southwest." Native American writer Momaday's early experiences helped to form the style of his award-winning poetry. His poem entitled, The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee communicates, in a chant-like style, an admiration for the beauty and vitality found in nature.

Sherman Alexie is another Native American writer whose memorable poems will long be appreciated. The biographical Facts About Sherman Alexie reveal that he was born on an Indian reservation in Washington state. His experiences there are reflected in some of his poetry and other acclaimed works of writing. Sherman Alexie's poem entitled, At Navajo Monument Valley Tribal School paints a vibrant Saturday scene featuring a team of boys out on a school athletic field being watched by their fathers. The young person's perspective on Native American traditions being passed from father to son is at work in this well-designed piece.

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Through the beautiful lines of a poem, we can learn more about a Native American's perspectives on nature, traditions, and history.

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