Native American Pictures

Native American pictures differ from all of their other art in a few different aspects. Traditional art is created using the methods and media available to the tribe's ancestors and history. Traditional artwork typically depicts values and beliefs of the tribe from which it came. Pictures and photography are used to depict the everyday life of the Native Americans. Portrait photographs of individuals display the human side of their artwork and depict them as they truly are. Pictures are often used to capture the environment of the tribe and their geographic locations. Sunset photos of the great American southwest are one example of these photographs; some of the photos capture the spirit of nature in the areas that the Native Americans live in.

Other pictures capture the ceremonies at Pow Wows and family gatherings. Images of dances and drum circles are common and show the Native Americans in their element. Pictures are a more modern way of capturing the lives of the Native Americans; in the past drawings and jewelry depicted the history of the tribe. Pictures are also used in the depiction of sacred objects artifacts, and artwork of the tribe. These pictures display the masks, totems and headdresses to name a few. These are the images and pictures most of the public sees when they read about or find Native American artwork online. While pictures are used to capture the present day for future generations, some pictures show past petroglyphs, or rock wall drawings, which depict the history of long past generations.

Pictures really depict the culture of the Native American and all of their traditions. The images show the Native Americans partaking in the culture and ceremonies of their people. They use the pictures as a form of income and expression for their tribes.

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