Native American Names

A Native American name gives us an insight into the personality of the one who possesses it. Each name fulfills a purpose of revealing something about the character or temperament of the person. In addition to their meanings, many Native American names are notable for their melodious sound.

A collection of Native American names for both males and females can be found at Unique Native American Names. These are some of the Native American names found on that list, followed by their meanings:

  • Apenimon is a Native American name of a man who is thought of as trustworthy.
  • Adsila, a name given to a girl, carries with it the image of a blossom.
  • Dyami. This is a male name that's connected with a majestic bird; the eagle.
  • Gwenelda is a name given to a female that carries along with it the distinction of a princess.
  • Huritt. This Native American name is given to a male who has the attribute of handsomeness.
  • Kajika is a male name meaning that its possessor walks making no sounds.
  • Kineks, a beautiful name for a girl that brings up the image of a rosebud.
  • Polikwaptiwa, a Native American name created for a woman. The name conjures the picture of a butterfly at rest on a flower petal.
  • Shilah is a Native American name for a male that is endowed with the meaning of brother.
  • Zitkala is a Native American name for a female that brings to mind a bird.

If you would like to discover more Native American names along with their particular meanings, please visit:

A Native American name bestowed on a young person not only helps others to identify him or her, but also allows for a revealing glimpse into the developing personality of the child.

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