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Native American art, memorabilia and jewelry can be found in any number of markets, festivals, online venues and open air markets. Some of the best locations to purchase and find Native American art and products is in the areas with the greatest populations of Native Americans. A few states such as Arizona, New Mexico and California have the highest concentrations of Native Americans and have some of the absolute best in Native American Products for purchase. Since 1922 SWAIA, an Indian market in Santa Fe, has been the largest market of its kind and features over 1000 Native American artists and craftsmen. Some markets are both online and off like the Native American Outlet located in Dillard Georgia.

Large celebrations, like the "Gathering of Nations" at the University of New Mexico from April 23-25; these dates vary slightly each year but the festival is a prime location for obtaining fantastic art, ornamental pipes, tomahawks, and jewelry as well as an opportunity to learn about the Native Americans culture and history. Most large gatherings such as this one have an entire section of the festival devoted to the arts. The West Valley Native American Arts Festival is a perfect venue for any art produced and created by the Native Americans of the United States. Anything imaginable is available for purchase at this festival; from jewelry to clothing and from children's toys to Dream catchers.

Online stores and markets offer a year round opportunity for purchasing Native American products and offer a bit of history with the items as well. The Poeh Gallery was opened in 200 to provide an area for students and teachers of classes at the gallery a place to showcase and sell their art. The gallery has sculpture, textiles, jewelry, and pottery on display online as well as in the Poeh Cultural Center in Tesuque Pueblo New Mexico. Another fantastic online location is the Sa Cinn, which is located in British Columbia, offers a completely Native owned and operated business as well as some of the finest Native American artwork on the Internet. Most of the items sold by Sa Cinn are of Northwest Native American culture such as wood carvings and silver jewelry.

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