Native American History

Native Americans have a rich and storied history, and are the indigenous peoples of the United States. Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Native American history is the peoples' love for nature and living things. They have a great respect for animals, and often revere them as spirits who symbolize various qualities in people such as courage, strength, creativity, and family. The food that Native Americans eat consists of a lot of game, nuts, berries, and natural vegetation. They hunted live animals for food, but were sure to use all parts of the animal so as not to waste anything. Animal bones were made into tools and weapons, and the hides and fur made clothing and blankets.

Each tribe in Native American history had a different way of life. For example, the Iroquois lived in wooden log houses, while many tribes of the Plains Indians (including the Sioux) lived in teepees. Transportation varied as well, and could include canoes, horseback, kayak, or even dog sleds, like the Inuit tribes of Alaska. The Native Americans fought many wars and battles throughout their history. The War of 1812 included a vicious battle between the tribes and the Europeans. There were many other battles as well, included Tippecanoe, the first Seminole Indian War, and perhaps one of the most famous wars, the battle at Wounded Knee.

Tragedy was unfortunately a large part of Native American History. The Trail of Tears is one of the most notable events. In the 1800s, the Cherokee tribe was forced from their land due to Americans and their desire for gold. Thousands of Native Americans had to roam the countryside looking for new places to reside, and hundreds died on the journey. Trails could also have a different meaning within the Native Americans' lifestyle. In fact, trails were the main way they traveled and kept a safe route without harming nature on their journeys.

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