Native American Healing

Native American healing techniques typically focus on healing the person rather than focusing on a specific disease. This makes their practices quite different from those of western medicine.

The American Cancer Society notes such differences but concludes that while there is no scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of Native American healing affects, they may still prove useful. The techniques do provide a sense of community and support for an ailing individual that may prove to be beneficial in promoting overall healing.

Unlike western medicine, Native American healing focuses on the connection between spiritual well being and physical well being. The separation between spirit and body is not the same; to Native American healers they are considered part of one whole being rather than individual and separate aspects. Thus, the spirit must be healed to heal the body.

Native American healing traditions and tools incorporate several aspects. Sweat lodges and smudge sticks are used to purify and cleanse the spirit, mind, and body. Medicine wheels help to promote healing within the body of the person and the body of the earth.

Native American ceremonies play an important role in the healing process. Ceremonies such as the Ghost Dance, Vision Quest, and And Sun Dance can help heal afflicted aspects within a person. They purpose of the dances and quest may vary slightly from tribe to tribe but all are done to promote well being or understanding.

Native American medicine is a wide field that incorporates rituals, herbal remedies, and spiritual practices to promote healing. The specifics of Native American healing vary from culture to culture but all incorporate a focus on the whole person rather than just symptoms resulting from an illness.

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