Native American Genetics

The topic of Native American genetics isn't a common one. Many people tend to believe they have this type of heritage in their ancestry, based on what their families say. One relative claims the family has Cherokee roots and everyone takes that as fact. However those who want to claim their Native American roots have to take specialized tests to prove that.

Native American genetics tests looks at either the paternal line or the maternal line. In the case of the paternal line, they look for a specific group known as a haplo group for proof of ancestry. The same holds true for the maternal line, though the tests look for different types of coding in the DNA. Many people who undergo these tests have both sides tested, which shows whether they have this ancestry on either side and what tribe they're related to.

Resources on Native American genetics include:

Some people might wonder what the importance is in testing for this type of DNA. For some it's a matter of discovering that they're possibly related to one of the famous celebrities with Native American roots. Carmen Electra, Cher, Jessica Alba and Val Kilmer are only a few of the celebrities with roots in different tribes. For others they want to take advantage of some of the benefits offered to the Native American people.

There are many scholarships that are open only to those with Indian roots. There are also tax benefits and benefits given to those starting new businesses. Some financial institutions offer loans for Native American people that have a lower interest rate and longer repayment plans. There are many benefits available to those who can proof their Native American ancestry.

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