Native American Education

Native American education generally refers to schools that cater to Native American students. These schools exist on reservations and in communities with a large population of Native Americans. There are many people who assume that these schools are significantly different, but they're actually very similar to traditional schools. They were once fairly different, but the No Child Left Behind Act from 2001 changed things.

The No Child Left Behind Act serves to ensure that all students receive the education they need to survive in the real world. The Act allows tribal schools the opportunity to setup their own programs and determine the progress of their students. However the schools must still meet certain requirements if they hope to receive funds for education from the government.

Tribal schools are also monitored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. They require that the schools test their students each year to check their progress. These tests also ensure that the students of the school meet the basic requirements in terms of their education. These schools don't use the typical standardized tests, but rather tests that examine the skills of their students and what they've learned throughout the year.

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Tribal schools typically start at the end of July or August depending on the school. Classes end at the end of May or the beginning of June, similar to traditional schools. The length of their day is also similar, with classes running for around seven hours. The one main difference between a tribal school and a traditional school is the curriculum. Native American schools traditionally focus on educating their students about the heritage of their people and their tribe. They run special programs throughout the year to teach the students and even host special events regarding specific moments in their shared past. There's a real emphasis on culture that traditional schools don't offer.

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