Native American Drums

The Native Americans used music in all forms of their life. Music played during celebrations and special events and one of the more popular types of music involved the drum. The drum was even considered the heartbeat of their musical celebrations. It appeared at the root of some of their many legends, including the belief that its sound represented the sound of spirits arriving. Supposedly this is why they used the drum during religious celebrations.

Native American drums featured the same design elements, beginning with a wood frame often made by removing the inside of a log. Animal skin was then placed on the top of the wood and attached to the wood by using leather or animal skin straps. The drums were usually large enough for several men to beat on the top at once. Different tribes decorated the drums in different ways using beadwork popular with their tribe. Some tribes even used animal skin strapped to the ground as a drum, forgoing the wood part.

More information on Native American drums includes:

Legend held that the beat of the drum brought together the Indian people with the spirits and spiritual world and without this sound, they couldn't celebrate. Legend claims that a female spirit brought the drum to the people and the drum was her home. Another belief among the people was that the drum could help a person find a connection between their spiritual and physical side. Those who played the drum during ceremonies were able to draw on this connection and rejuvenate their bodies.

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