Native American Culture

Everyone living in the United States today has at one point or another become curious about Native American culture. There is something beautiful about it in the detailed art, the deep connection with the earth, and even the clothes they used to wear.

Native Americans tribes have strong spiritual beliefs. No matter the tribe, you will find a common thread - a belief in a higher god, a Great Spirit. Native Americans also believe that they have to use the resources of the Earth fully and if possible, something should be given back. Shamans, believed to be able to communicate with the spiritual world, are highly regarded.

Most Native American men were warriors. Raised as hunters to provide for their families, they were also trained to defend themselves and their tribes from outside invaders. Great importance was placed on being a good warrior. There were even rituals that the Native Americans used to mark a man's way through life from boyhood to manhood. The focus was always on becoming the best hunter and warrior.

Today, Native American tribes maintain their cultural heritage by continuing to paint, carve, sculpt, and even sew traditional clothes. There are a few symbols that seemed to have transcended from Native American culture into American culture. For instance, the Kokopelli is widely recognized across the United States, even if no one knows about its origin. Believed to be a fertility god, it is associated with the Southwest Native American tribes. Today, this symbol of a hunched man with long hair carrying a flute can be found on anything from travel cups to T-shirts to key chains. It's particularly common in Arizona and it is almost used as a 'symbol' of the state itself.

It's also common for sports teams to use Native American symbols as their emblem or mascot. In California, there's a high school that uses traditional Native American feathers in its logo and the NHL team Chicago Blackhawks have a logo depicting a Native American head in full war dress, complete with paint and feathers. Some Native American animal symbols can be found in the Native American zodiac.

Timeless and profound, Native American symbols are extremely popular. For a tattoo enthusiast, getting tribal tattoos shows good taste and style. Some of these Native American designs are thought to endow the wearers with spiritual powers. For the same reasons, totem poles are also much sought after.

Native American culture is both simple and incredibly complicated. While they sought to be harmonious with the world around them, they also tried to influence it. Even today, American culture still reflects a part of the Native American spirit.

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