Native American Craft Supplies

Native Americans rely upon a wide variety of supplies in order to create traditional arts and crafts. Many of the supplies are natural materials that the Native Americans cultivated directly from the land or from nature. These supplies are available for purchase for those who wish to try their hand at Native American crafts. There are often complete kits produced that offer all the supplies and instructions you'll need to learn a Native American traditional craft technique. Try these resources in your quest for authentic supplies:

Crazy Crow Trading Post: One of a kind items, with a wide range of craft supplies ranging from beads to cowhide to feathers, readymade crafting kits, books and videos and much more.

Native Essence: Features over 1000 Native American craft supplies as well as free bead work and leather pouch patterns.

American Indian Craft Supply: Comprehensive source of Native American crafting supplies featuring many animal products including animal claws, bone buttons, buckskin thong and coyote tails, just to name a few.

Noc Bay Trading Company: Company with over 30 years of experience dealing in quality Native American craft supplies.

Standing Bear's Trading Post: Specializes in leather work crafting supplies, with some Native American crafting kits.

Sioux Trading Post: Extensive collection of Native American craft supplies including glass beads, animal hides, feathers, furs, shells, and trade cloth.

Native Languages: Offer Native American crafting and beading videos for sale.

By using these resources to locate patterns, books, videos, kits and crafting supplies, you can learn about the unique heritage of the Native American people and their long standing traditional crafts. If looking to purchase authentic completed arts and crafts made by true Native Americans, remember that the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 protects these genuine articles, making it illegal to misrepresent an article that has not been made by a Native American.

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