Native American Artists

Native American Artists will use their own customs and ancestral roots to make clothing, wash bowls, eating utensils, jewelry, etc.

Each Native American tribe has an artistic heritage that is unique. While many tribes may share artistic characteristics, none are identical. The resources below will give insight into the vast differences between the various Native American artists, both past and present.

Native American Clothing

Native Languages has a comprehensive guide to American Indian Clothing that provides images and information for a variety of tribal styles.

The E Web Tribe has a fantastic assortment of resources that provide detailed information and images of a variety of Native American cultural clothing styles.

Native American Jewelry

Navajo Arts has an extensive collection of Navajo rugs, pictures, and sand paintings.

Native American Arts

Oklahoma State University has a section about American Indian in which jewelry, pottery, and other art forms are discussed.

The Library of Congress has an area dedicated to the music of the Omaha Indians. This expressive form of storytelling is considered one of the loveliest forms of Native American art.

Much of the artwork created my Native Americans had a spiritual significance. The Navajo sand paintings, for instance, can be used in healing rituals.

Native American artists have perfected centuries old techniques that display their artistic heritage, as well as maintain a cultural and religious identity that is separate from one another. While outsiders often categorize all Native American cultures and artwork as being one, there are in fact hundreds of unique styles across North America. Taking the time to learn about the intricacies of each will provide an enlightening insight into the cultures that flourished in the Americas for centuries before European settlers arrived.

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