Native American Artifacts

Native American artifacts are fun to purchase, whether they are to be displayed, collected or given as a gift. There are many Native American artifacts available, such as pottery, jewelry, instruments and more. To learn more about Native American artifacts, visit Teacher Vision and Western Artifacts.

The Southwest Indians are well known for their sand paintings of the Navajo, different patterned rugs, blankets and shawls, their fine basketry and jewelry. You can learn more about the Southwest Indians by visiting Britannica. At Cultural India learn about the culture of the Indians, including the Dhoti and Indian Sari. For information on the types of dress the Native Americans wore, as well as purchasing options, go to Maple Clothing.

Native American artifacts include handmade pottery, which was considered very important for ceremonial use by Native Americans. Pottery was used in rituals, burials, religious ceremonies and for decoration even before Columbus' arrival in 1492. To learn more about the history of pottery, visit CLA, Native American Potters, Pueblo Arts and Native Languages.

Native American instruments were an important part of the culture. The most commonly used instruments included the drum, rattles, rasps, bells, flutes, stringed instruments and whistles. Music played a vital role in ceremonies, weddings, burials and more. The southwest Navajo and Apache tribes were known to sing in the Plains-style of music.

Jewelry is one of the most well-known and purchased Native American artifacts even today. For many links to the histories of various Native American jewelry, visit About. For purchase options, go to All Tribes.

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