Inuit Carvings

The Inuits are a group of indigenous people who live in certain regions in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. The Inuits of Canada, who are also known as the Inuit Nunaat, can be found in the Nunavat territory, the Nunavik region which is located in the northern part of Quebec, the Nunatsiavut region of Labrador, and different regions in the Northwest Territories. In Alaska, the Inuits live in the Seward Peninsula as well as the North Slope. The Greenland Inuits are called Kalaallit, and they are considered Danish nationals.

The Inuit people are capable of producing very beautiful carvings. Most of the carvings are made of soapstone, whalebone, ivory, and horn, and they come in the forms of sculptures, masks, amulets, earrings, combs, and other items. The Inuits usually do carvings that represent human beings, as well as animals such as birds and bears. In the past, some of the carvings were used by shamans when they performed religious rituals. Recently, Inuit carvings have become a major source of revenue for the Inuits as they are appreciated by more people around the world.

A great number of Inuit carvings are being displayed in various museums and galleries in the US and Canada. In Alaska, the best places to see carvings of the Inuit people are the Anchorage Museum and the Alaska Native Arts Foundation, where there are large collections of Inuit sculptures and other carvings. The Museum of Inuit Art in Toronto, the Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, and the Bayat Gallery in Winnipeg have some of the best collections of Inuit carvings in Canada. There are also many online galleries and stores where you can view or purchase Inuit sculptures and other carved items. Some of these include the Inuit Art Zone, the Inuit Art Sculptures, and the Native Art Traders.

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