Inuit Art

The Inuit people, also known as the Eskimos, are one of the most famous native peoples in the world. While it is commonly believed that they live in Alaska and Greenland, a large number of them actually live in Canada. The Inuit tribes in Canada are spread across various territories, which include the Nunavut territory, the northern part of Quebec, the region of Labrador, and other areas as well, and they are known as the Inuit Nunaat. The Inuits who live in Alaska and Greenland are known by a different name.

The Inuit people invented the kayak to travel in the freezing waters. They are mostly hunters and fishers, and they kill caribous, seals, and muskoxen for food. The men of the Inuit tribes hunt to get food while the women take care of their homes. The Inuits are not monogamous and men can take a few wives. Marriages were often arranged, and a man usually lives with his wife or wives, children, and extended family.

Inuit art comes in many forms. The most popular form of Inuit art is soapstone or argillite carvings. The carvings are usually very lifelike representations of family scenes and animals, the most popular being polar bears, walruses, birds, and other animals that are commonly seen in the areas where they live. They also carve incredibly small masks that depict various animals and birds. The carvings actually have religious significance, and they are worn as amulets to protect the wearer from evil spirits. The Inuits are also known for their prints.

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Inuit art is widely available on the internet, and they can also be bought in some stores that sell native craftworks.

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