Indian Weapons

Native American people used weapons as a way of life. Weapons were used as a defense mechanism when attacked by others, but also as a way of hunting animals for food. Today these are viewed as artifacts of the individual tribes and placed in museums around the world. Both the Native American Museum in Louisiana and the Superstition Mountain Museum offer exhibit on these pieces.

Many people think that there are thousands of different Indian weapons, but in actuality there are just three basic types. The rest are variations on one of those weapons. The first is the basic shield, which was only used by specific tribes and not all tribes used them. Men used the shields as a way of protecting their body during battles, especially battles with other tribes.

Another type of weapon was the bow and arrow set. Indians also used these during their hunting trips as a way of bringing down bigger animals. The bow was made from a curved piece of wood, with a thread or string tied at either ends. The arrows themselves were sometimes made of wood, but were often made out of animal bones. They often attached a sharp stone arrowhead to the end of the arrow, or carved the edge of the wood to make a sharp point.

Resources on the weapons of Native Americans include:

The most important of all Indian weapons and the most recognizable one was the tomahawk. In classic movies the tomahawk was used by the tribesmen when scalping another person, but it also had other uses. The tomahawk was used as a sword and as a blunt instrument. A sharp blade attached to a small piece of wood using rope or string. It was the most important of all the weapons used during battles for Native American people. All of these weapons served a purpose and need for the Indian people.

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