Indian Symbols

Indian symbols have played an important part in Indian or Native American culture. The symbols provide both protection and a way to communicate with others. Indians have used Indian symbols to record history, to tell stories and to remember their culture. They are also a means of communication.

Native American symbols can be found in cave drawings throughout the United States and South America. These cave drawings often tell elaborate stories or chronicle the history of a nation. Initially these cave drawings were not preserved and many people added to them. Recently a movement has been created to preserve these drawings so that future generations can study and learn from them as well.

Native American symbols can also be found in traditional objects such as the totem pole. Often several different animal symbols would be carved into the poles in order to protect the village. The totem poles are used to tell stories, genealogy or other notable events. The art of totem pole making was nearly lost, but a new generation is learning how to make and teach others about these Indian symbols.

Indian symbols can also be found in the art of each individual tribe. Just as each tribe had a different culture and history, the symbols can vary from tribe to tribe as well. Common symbols do show up such as the Eagle feather for a chief and the symbolism of a horse. Studying Native American symbols in the art will be able tell you the tribe that each piece comes from.

Indian symbols were also used to represent the spiritual aspect of Native American life. These symbols passed on stories and traditions. They could be found in all aspects of life. You could find symbolism in the way that the beadwork is done on a moccasin to the symbolism of a dream catcher as well.

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