Indian Songs

Indian songs, with their pentatonic (five note) drumbeat, are one of the most unusual forms of music because they do more than give a person music to listen to, it tells a story. Although most songs are pentatonic, what makes the songs seem so unusual are that the beats are seemingly random. Indian songs are not considered compatible with most modern music, so has founds its own unique way in musical history, and has formed its own instrumental traditions. Songs are unique to the individual tribes.

The American Indian ducted flute, or love flute, was made and used by suitors for the sole purpose of courtship. Once it was used, it was never used again. The love flute is similar to the penny whistle from Ireland. With finger holes ranging from three to six holes, the love flute makes an ethereal sound, that when combined with words of Indian songs, can connect the tribe to the spirits in all of nature. Smithsonian Global Sounds has instructions on how to make a Love Flute.

Native American songs or poems are a means for the tribe to communicate many different things such as; a special occasion, codes of conduct, initiation rites, plentiful harvests, to tell history or to simply tell a story. They differ vastly due to distance between tribes and personal taste. As there is no written word, each song changes. The community drums while the story teller controls the beat to get the best reactions, and then add in dance to bring the message home. The flute, rattle, and the Apache fiddle can be used in the song, but the drum is the very heart of the song. There are differences in songs due to area and tribes, but all are considered beautiful because of their simplicity. Songs are usually sung in octaves by both men and women, although songs are not usually heard from women because they take care of more private matters in the tribe. Native American songs like, Poetry and Songs by Native Americans, or Indian Maidens, Indian Love Songs, are readily available on the internet.

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