Indian Music

American Indian music is created and performed by the Native American culture, and is typically specific to each tribe. Music is a way of life for the Native Americans, and has deep roots in the history of the people. Music of the Native Americans tells the stories of the tribes, such as history, wars, triumphs and defeats. Music is played for a variety of reasons, for happy and sad times, and for specific purposes, such as to hope for a good crop. The earliest documentation of Native American Indian music comes from the European explorers who first came in contact with the natives of the land. However instruments for music playing and pictographs that show music playing and dancing have been found dating back to the 7th century.

While there were a few notable instruments of the Native American culture, there are some that have shown the most importance. The drums are played differently, with various meanings, for each tribe. The larger dances use a drum that is constructed in a similar manner to most tribes. Wooden frames or hollowed out logs were used with stretched buck or elk skin across the opening. Drums of the Native American culture are usually very large, and are played by many men and women at once. Drums are used for many different ceremonies, for chanting purposes, healing rituals, and for various ceremonies.

The Native American flute is another important Indian instrument, used because of its beautiful and distinctive sound. The original use of the flute was for personal instances, such as for courtship, meditation and healing purposes. It can be played solo, or with an accompanying instrument or instruments. There are two main types of Indian flutes, the plains flute and the woodlands flat.

Other notable instruments of the Native Americans are rattles, whistles, clapper and fiddle. Each instrument was important to the tribe, and had a specific role in the music of the era.

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