Indian Grants

Grants are monies given to certain people or groups of people by the United States government. Unlike a loan, a grant is money that does not have to be repaid. They can be applied for yearly in most cases. Grants can be given for college educations, businesses, or other reasons. Indians Native Americans have many opportunities to receive various grants from the United States. Some of these grants are very specific, such as the Indian Tribal Government Grants Program. This grant is dedicated to providing money for various tribes to help women combat domestic abuse.

Sadly, many modern Native American tribes have been neglected or are suffering financial hardships. They are also in need of proper healthcare. The number of Indian children with emotional issues or lack of education is often larger than the rest of the US population. This is why there are many education-related grants now given by the US government to combat this problem. Of course, there are eligibility requirements that must be met in order to obtain the grant. In most cases proof that the person is a Native American is required, and all businesses must also show they are registered as an Indian business.

In order to get Indian related grants, applicants must complete several Federal or state (if it is a state grant) forms. Almost all grants have a deadline for application, so it is important to be sure they are submitted to the proper place on time. Often, grants are given to Indian tribes instead of individuals. One example is a health care related grant in Minnesota that gives different tribes money to assist them with health issues and needs. Following the guidelines for each specific grant is the best way to ensure the money will be given to Indian individuals and tribes who need assistance, for whatever reason.

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