Indian Art

Native American artwork is coveted by many people. The beautiful design and intricate detail shown in the majority of the pieces are what makes them one of kind. Indian art covers different aspects of the art world and varies from tribe to tribe. They don't only create things to use in their daily lives, but to be sold to consumers. Art is one way most tribes make money.

The tradition of pottery began when woman would line their baskets with clay to make them hard at the bottom. Soon the Native Americans were shaping and molding clay to create beautiful pottery. Pueblo Indians specialize in pottery and it is well known throughout the United States. The Pueblo pottery is hand molded from clay coil and then painted with wonder tribal designs. Many parts of the Pueblo community make pottery and it can often differ slightly in the various communities.

Pottery is only one of the many traditions when it comes to Indian art. The Navajo Indians, take pride in weaving. They are known for their beautiful blankets and rugs. Traditionally the rugs were wove on a large vertical loom that had no moving pieces. Authentic Navajo rugs are made of pure wool, but there are Navajo made rugs that have cotton wefts. These are produced for tourists. The tribe uses their own materials to make their blankets and rugs. They even dye the wool themselves. Including all of the preparation, it can take months to finish one rug.

Beadwork is also another popular form of Native American artwork. After years of making jewelry from shells, animal bones and teeth, glass beads were brought over from Europe and became the material of choice to the Native Americans. Similar to beadwork is the popularity of jewelry making. The Navajo tribe is known worldwide for its beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry.

There are numerous types of Indian art that have been perfected over the years. For centuries Native Americans have been known for their beautiful artwork. Whether it's a painting that tells a story or simply a rug to adorn the floor, Native American artwork is coveted by many and will continue to be for years to come.

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