Horse Blankets

A horse blanket (sometimes referred to as a horse "rug") is a large, thick blanket designed to cover a horse for protection in cold or inclement weather. While there is no known definite origin for the horse blanket, they can be traced back to the times of the Native Americans. They would weave custom designed blankets to help protect their horses in the harsh, cold winter. Today's blankets are extra thick and are woven together tightly so they do not unravel and can handle a lot of wear and tear. Many are made of wool, while others are made of nylon for durability. The material used depends on the manufacturer.

The main purpose of the horse blanket is to keep the body heat of the horse close to its body. This way, the horse stays warm and comfortable, and its muscles remain warm and strong so he or she can run and walk properly. It is very important, however to be sure to choose the right horse blanket depending on the climate. For example, some climates may get very cold in winter, but not so cold that an extra thick blanket is needed. In some cases, the horse can begin to sweat and get sick. It is also very important that the blanket is weatherproof and can withstand rain and snow. If the blanket absorbs water and gets too wet, it can weigh the horse down and cause unnecessary strain.

As a horse owner, there are many places to find blankets for a pony or full-grown horse. Many special retailers sell them to horse enthusiasts. Saddle makers also sell the blankets. There are many colors available to choose from, as well as size and how much of the horse it covers. Some can cover just the hindquarters, while others cover the entire horse or just the front of the horse. No matter what kind of horse blanket one decides to buy, the horse will definitely appreciate being kept dry and warm by its owner.

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