Grand Canyon West Rim

The Grand Canyon West Rim is not situated within the Grand Canyon National Park. It is located at the western part of the canyon, and is in the same area as the reservation camp of the Hualapai Indians. Although it is a remote wilderness area, the West Rim still draws a great number of tourists.

One of the main attractions of the West Rim is the Skywalk. It is a glass bridge extending about 70 feet from the edge of the rim, and offers an amazing view of the bottom of the canyon from a height of 3,600 feet. The floor of the bridge is made of glass, visitors will feel like they are walking on air. From the bridge, one can see the immense beauty of the Granite Gorge as well as the Colorado River.

The Indian Village is another popular attraction in the West Rim. This village features a number of authentic teepees representing various Indian tribes. There are exhibits in each teepee that reveal interesting information about the Native American culture. Visitors can also view performances by Hualapai and other Indian tribes at the village’s amphitheater.

Those who wish to experience life in a western town will have a great time at the Hualapai Ranch. The ranch offers a wide variety of interesting activities, such as: wagon rides, horseback riding along the canyon rim, and cowboy cookouts. There are demonstrations of gun-fighting as well as other shows.

The Grand Canyon West Rim is the place where visitors can take a helicopter ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where to get fantastic close-up views of the Colorado River. Other tours available at the West Rim include: Jeep tours, Hummer tours, and rafting trips. There are many tour operators offering tour packages from Las Vegas and Phoenix, and these usually include transportation to the West Rim as well as guided tours. Those who wish to stay for a few days can check availability of vacation packages that provide accommodation and meals as well. The nearest lodging available around the West Rim area is the Hualapai Lodge, located on Historic Route 66.

The Grand Canyon West Rim is situated about 72 miles from Kingman, Arizona, and 120 miles from Las Vegas. Those who are driving to the West Rim can park their vehicles at the Grand Canyon West Airport and take a shuttle to the Canyon.

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