Grand Canyon Trips

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the breath-taking sights of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Three touring options for Grand Canyon trips include river rafting, hiking, and a mule riding excursion. Each selection requires preparation, but all of them offer an unforgettable sight-seeing experience to a Grand Canyon visitor.

A rafting expedition down the Colorado River is a great way for an adventurous visitor to see the Grand Canyon. Many people treasure the experience of viewing the amazing sights of the Grand Canyon and tackling the challenges of whitewater rafting at the same time. In fact, river rafting is one of the most popular types of Grand Canyon trips. Though there's a great deal of planning and preparation required for a river trip to the Grand Canyon, it is well worth the effort. The National Park Service has a lot of helpful suggestions for anyone interested in learning the details of a Grand Canyon river trip.  

Visitors who want to keep their feet on solid ground may prefer a day hiking excursion as a way to absorb the beauty of the Grand Canyon. There's a large selection of hiking trails in the Grand Canyon and it's best to decide on one that is suitable for every member of the group. A day hike gives visitors a close-up view of the plant and wildlife that make their home in the Grand Canyon. An organized group of hikers who have plenty of food and water on hand are sure to have a memorable walking experience together.

Through the years, many Grand Canyon trips have been made especially memorable with the inclusion of a mule ride tour. A mule ride gives a visitor a perspective of the Grand Canyon that cannot be matched. For instance, a person riding a mule gains access to places that are, at times, too risky for humans to venture into. In addition, a visitor who participates in a mule ride is not only seeing the wondrous sights of the Grand Canyon, but they are seeing them in the company of friends and family. As the mules do the traveling, a group of curious visitors is free to take in all the Grand Canyon has to offer.

The particular tour that a visitor decides to take advantage of depends upon the personal tastes and preferences of the individual. Whatever the tour, there is no shortage of spectacular sights to experience in the Grand Canyon.

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