Grand Canyon Tours

The Grand Canyon has many wonderful sights and activities to offer: it is quite impossible for vacationers to visit every point of interest in just a few days. To get the best out of a Grand Canyon vacation, visitors should join some of the exciting tours that are available.

There is a wide variety of Grand Canyon tours for vacationers to choose from, and these include the Colorado River Float Trip, the Inner Canyon Jeep Tour, the Grand Canyon Discovery Air Tour, the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour, and the Grand Canyon Mule Trip.

The Colorado River Float Trip is a 12-hour coach and boat trip that gives tourists the chance to experience some of the most interesting sights in the Grand Canyon. The tour begins with a motor coach trip that traverses through the South Rim, Desert View Watchtower, and Page, Arizona. The coach will stop at the Glen Canyon Dam, where the float trip on the Colorado River will begin. The boat will make stops at the Petroglyph panel and Lunch Beach.

The Inner Canyon Jeep Tour takes tourists to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where they can discover hidden geological wonders in the Grand Canyon Caverns. At the beginning of the tour, the jeep will travel on the Old Route 66, and then, it will make its way down to the canyon floor via Diamond Creek Road.

The Grand Canyon Mule Trip is another exciting way to explore the canyon. The trip lasts for about 7 hours, and it passes through Bright Angel Trail, Tonto Plateau, and Plateau Point.

Those who wish to see the immense beauty of the Grand Canyon from a bird’s eye view should take the Grand Canyon Discovery Air Tour or the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour. These 50-minute tours enable tourists to see the full splendor of the canyon, including its impressive towers, buttes, and other interesting rock formations.

There are many other different types of Grand Canyon tours, including hiking tours, Indian adventure tours, camping trips, rafting trips, as well as backpacking trips. Most of the tours are conducted by experienced guides who can provide extensive information about the Grand Canyon.

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