Grand Canyon RV Parks

Grand Canyon RV Parks allow people to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the Grand Canyon without having to sacrifice comfort and convenience. They are several located on both the Arizona and Utah side of the Grand Canyon, as well as around Jacob Lake.

Some of the Grand Canyon RV Parks require a fee, while others are free. A little bit of quick research, however, revealed prices are extremely affordable, so don’t worry about not being able to afford the fee. Some require reservations; others do not accept them, and operate strictly on a “first-come, first-serve basis”. Some have hook-ups; others do not, so you will have to rely on your RV’s auxiliary power.

Other Grand Canyon RV Parks are open all year; others operate only during certain times (usually May to October). If someone is camping during the “off-season”, they might want to check and see which RV parks are open.

Some of the RV parks are located right inside the Grand Canyon National Park, while others are farther away. If someone does not want to have to drive or take alternate transportation to get to the National Park itself, they may want to determine exactly where the campground is located in relation to the park entrance or different accessible areas of the Grand Canyon before making their choice.

If one does not mind driving a little bit, though, there are some RV parks located only about 30 minutes from the National Park. These may be easier to get into, whether one has a reservation or not, and may also have more amenities. Preservation of the Park’s ecosystem sometimes necessitates the foregoing of certain “privileges”.

At peak tourist times, lengths of stay may be limited. Travelers may have to check out of one campground, and go to another one. If this is the case, they should ask the campground managers to help them secure other reservations.

Remember others will want to use the campsite after you leave, so be sure to report any problems to the campground managers. They will appreciate it, and so will others using the site.

Anyone who has an RV and wants to camp in or near the Grand Canyon, just hop behind the wheel and head out. They’re sure to find a campground or resort that will meet their preferences, while allowing themselves to enjoy all that the Grand Canyon has to offer.

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