Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon Railway is one of the major historic attractions in the Grand Canyon. It provides passengers a wonderful experience of riding in a historic train from the 19th century as well as spectacular views of the pristine countryside leading to the Grand Canyon. The railway service transports more than 170,000 passengers to the Grand Canyon every year.

Trains started arriving at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in the year 1901. From that time until 1968, the railway was the main transportation for people traveling to the Grand Canyon. Later, it became less popular, as more and more people preferred to drive their own vehicles. In 1991, the train service was revived, and it attracted many tourists who wanted to experience the fun and nostalgia of traveling in a historic train to Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon Railway service leaves at 9.30 am or 10.00 am from Williams, Arizona, and it arrives at the Grand Canyon depot in the South Rim at 11.45 am or 12.15 am. The return trip starts at 3.30 pm or 4.00 pm from Grand Canyon, arriving in Williams at 5.45 pm to 6.15 pm. Steam engine trains will be operated during the summer months, and diesel trains will be used during other times of the year. Trains are scheduled to run everyday throughout the year, except on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

There are four different types of seating on the Grand Canyon Railway service: Coach Class, First Class, Observation Dome, and Luxury Parlor Car. The entire train is air-conditioned, so passengers will have a more comfortable trip during the summer months. Passengers in the coach class will get complimentary drinks during the trip. First class coaches feature reclining seats and larger windows, and passengers will be served fruits, pastries, juices, and coffee. The Observation Dome is only available in two first class coaches, and has a glass dome allowing passengers a superb view of the countryside during the trip. Appetizers and drinks will be served in the Observation Dome. The Luxury Parlor Car features all the amenities available in the other coaches, plus a private bar and appetizers on the return trip.

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