Grand Canyon North Rim

The Grand Canyon is a unique spectacular of nature that surrounds the Colorado River for 277 miles. This national park is composed of over 1.2 million acres of land consisting of waterfalls, forests, streams, and much more. This National Park is more than a mile deep in some areas. The National Park is broken down into multiple sections: One of the sections is the North Rim.

North Rim The Arizonian section of the Grand Canyon is the North Rim. The Grand Canyon North Rim is one of the less visited areas of the National Park, but is as equally as beautiful as the other areas of the canyon. The North Rim is home to many forms of wild life, including wild turkeys and the kiabab squirrels. The Navajo Indian Reservation is located by this area of the Grand Canyon and offers a historic experience of the National Park.

The Grand Canyon North Rim is more than 8,000 feet above sea level. The North Rim is located over 200 miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There are three main viewpoints located at the North Rim for scenic viewing.

Point Imperial The highest point of the North Rim is Point Imperial. This scenic viewing area overlooks the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert. The Marble Canyon is also visible from this lookout.

CapeRoyal Cape Royal is an observation area of the National Park offering great views of the deserts sunrises and sunsets. This view point allows you to see the turn in the Colorado River and views of the South Rim.

BrightAngelPoint Bright Angle Point is the final view point to the Grand Canyon North Rim. This area offers views of the Roaring Springs. The Bright Angel Canyons are visible from this lookout as well.

Navajo Indian Reservation The Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon is located by the Navajo Indian Reservation. Just outside of the Painted Desert, is the old Cameron Trading Post; the Navajo Indians have made this area of the land their home for many years.

The Grand CanyonNational ParkMultiple areas of the National Park allow fun activities to take place. Many of the activities include hiking, river rafting, and tours. Each activity offers great scenic views and first hand experiences with one of natures finest creations. The Grand Canyon is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World for the fascination and indescribable beauty it possesses.

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