Grand Canyon Cell Phone Coverage

Traveling to the rim of the Grand Canyon offers visitors a chance to see stunning vistas and panoramas in one of the world's most famous gorges. The Grand Canyon is over a mile deep and unfortunately, the size of the gorge impacts visitor's abilities to make calls using there cell phones. Grand Canyon cell phone coverage is extremely limited if existing at all on the North Rim and no coverage is provided within the canyon itself. In fact, cell phone coverage in most of Northern Arizona is spotty.

Along the South Rim, offers visitors the best chance to receive a cell phone signal. The Grand Canyon National Park has a set of cell phone audio tours visitors can listen too. These tours include everything from information on Native Americans, air quality in the Grand Canyon, the rare condor and fossils.

Though there are still problems with the cell signals it seems cell phone provider Verizon Wireless (which includes Alltel) is able to offer some coverage in this area. The quality of the signal, however, offered may depend on how advanced the handset is and keep in mind there is no guarantee of coverage. For best results visitors should contact there cell phone company in advance and discuss there options. 

Though it may not seem like a big deal, spending even a few days in the Grand Canyon without adequate cell phone coverage can be an annoyance. For those who come to the park for white water rafting or hiking it is especially important to have access to some type of phone coverage. The steep rocky trails and the risk of heat exhaustion due to the dry humid Arizona weather has resulted in some park visitors needing to be rescued. In the modern history of the park about 600 individuals have died, making it necessary that visitors don't underestimate the importance of following safety rules in the park. Hikers should follow the recommendations of rangers to reduce the likelihood of needing rescuing and consider taking paths near emergency phones. For example, the Indian Garden campground has a ranger station and an emergency phone should an accident occurs.

If traveling within a group in the Grand Canyon, taking two-way radios offers a convenient way to keep in contact without relying on Grand Canyon cell phone coverage. Hotels also offer land line phones for visitors to use. Visitors can make there reservations in advance and provide the hotels phone number to friends and family in case anyone needs to reach them while they are at the Grand Canyon.

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