Crater Lake

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US. The lake is located in Southern Oregon, in the Cascade Mountains. It was formed when Mt. Mazama collapsed in 7,700 B.C. The remaining crater filled with water and is now a national park. The area is sacred to the Klamath tribe, who uses the crater for their vision quest rituals.

In 7,700 B.C, the 12,000 foot volcano Mt. Mazama collapsed after an eruption, forming a huge crater. This crater has filled with melting snow and ice for thousands of years, forming a natural lake with no inlets or outlets. There are no streams or rivers in the area, and the lake's depth depends on the snow and rainfall each year. The area gets an average of 533 inches of snow per year, filling the lake with clear water. Crater Lake is surrounded by a caldera, or crater, forming steep walls around the water.

Crater Lake is sacred to the Klamath tribe . This Native Americans have lived in the area since before the volcano collapsed, and believe that the mountain collapsed during a battle between the Gods. The Klamath perform feats of bravery and spiritual strength in this sacred area, and use it for their vision quests. This ritual is Native American rite of passage, during which the young adult seeks to find their life's spiritual path. The teenager often must enter a remote area and perform physical tasks - the Klamath use the crater for this ritual.

Crater Lake National Park is the area surrounding the lake. Visitors can stay in local hotels and see the beauty of this lake for themselves. Camping in the area is also available, but often requires a reservation. Visitors to the area are sure to enjoy the unique natural beauty of Crater Lake, along with the surrounding Cascade Mountain range.

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