Chief Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse was a Native American of the Oglala Lakota tribe who was well-known for his exceptional skills as a warrior, even at a young age. He became an important historical figure by fighting against the United States government to defend his tribe and their way of life. Crazy Horse bravely stood up for his people and their traditions alongside many of the other famous Native American leaders, including Sitting Bull and Red Cloud.

A number of victories were celebrated by Chief Crazy Horse before he ultimately had to surrender. He helped to win a battle at Fort Phil Kearny in 1867, during a war between Native Americans and settlers in Wyoming. In 1876, the government demanded that the Lakota people stay within the boundaries of the reservations that had been set up. Crazy Horse played an important role in fighting against this order, which led to his famous victory at Little Bighorn. He had to admit defeat the next year and surrender the next, because of several factors. The buffalo that the tribes relied on for food were declining in number, and the people were going hungry.

The most controversial topic surrounding Chief Crazy Horse is his death in 1877. He was arrested and died the first night, while being taken to a guardhouse. The official story is that he was struck by a guard's bayonet when he tried to escape. The accuracy of this is questionable, because there are many eyewitness stories that all tell different accounts of what actually happened. For example, Little Big Man claimed that he tried to restrain Crazy Horse after he saw him pull out two knives, and Crazy Horse accidentally stabbed himself. The entire truth about the fate of this heroic Native American leader may never be revealed.

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