Buffalo Meat

Buffalo meat, or bison meat, was of great importance to the ancient Native American civilizations. These people depended on the buffalo for a lot, and it was even sacred in many contexts. The buffalo provided meat for food, shelter from the cold, clothing and blankets for everyone. The buffalo was an honored member of their community, influencing several aspects of their life; they even honored the animal for contributing to the healing of sick and injured members of their tribes.

The rare albino buffalo, called the White Buffalo, was the most sacred of them all. He was the one that was believed to be the leader of the sacred herds of buffalo.

The Native Americans cooked buffalo meat in many ways. They cured it in the sun, salted it and smoked it. Women cut it into slabs of meat and left it on racks in the sun to cure, creating a type of meat called buffalo 'jerky.'

Pemmican was another popular use of buffalo meat. This was a dish that was eaten by the Native Americans because it was rich in calories. Jerky and hot fat were poured in together and allowed to cool; this made a calorie-rich, portable type of meat. This type of meat could be taken on long drives, eaten at play or at work.

To this day, people still cook with buffalo meat, or buffalo-inspired meat. Below are a few great buffalo meat recipes to try for those who are feeling brave.

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Buffalo Soup: A Great Soup, Perfect for Rainy Days

Sirloin Steak Skewers: Great for BBQ on the Go

Chicken Fried Bison Steak: Chicken Fried Beef Steak Has Nothing on This Dish

Buffalo meat is a healthy alternative to beef, a rich and tasty meat that all meat lovers should try. There are many ways to cook it. Many descendants of Native Americans do so to remind themselves of the importance of the meat that was once sacred to them.

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