Bear Hunting

The Native American people are well known for their bear hunting techniques and are sometimes even called masters at the process. These people were unique in that they revered animals and referred to their spirit guide in an animal way. They even occasionally used animal names such as Running Bear. They also believed in using every part of the animal, from the skin to the bones and created legends out of their hunts. The legend of the Great Bear is a good example of this.

The reason why Native Americans were so good at bear hunting was because they took the time and really put in the effort when it came to their hunt. This wasn't something done in a few days, but something that took days and even weeks to accomplish. They banded together with all the men of a certain age heading out together, leaving the women in charge of the camp or village.

Resources on the bear hunting done by Native Americans include:

The group of men began by following the tracks of the bear and looking for any signs when there were no tracks. They looked for damage to bushes and trees, as well as feces left behind by the bears. They then tracked a single bear until the group could surround it. They brought down the bear by using bows and arrows, hitting the bear as many times as possible. At times they could even bring down a large bear with one good shot.

If the tribe needed more sustenance, the men went after multiple bears during the same hunt. They could occasionally find a group of bears and gather enough meat and hide to outfit and feed the tribe for months. The bear hunting trip ended with the men returning back to the village, carrying the animal. The Native American people were excellent at this type of hunting, but it was a long and arduous process of bringing one down.

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