Amazon Indians

The term Amazon Indian refers to all native tribes that once lived in the rainforests along the Amazon. It also applies to those tribes still living in the area, with many of the tribes being indigenous to the area. These people have lived in the area for centuries and historians are still uncertain about the exact dates when people settled there. They do know that changes and advances in technology caused changes to their lives.

The Industrial Revolution caused the greatest number of changes to the Amazon Indians. The new advances in terms of machinery made it easier to process and manufacture goods. During this time period, loggers worked their way into the Amazon rainforests, chopping down wood and pushing the people back. Many people lost their homes and the tribes were pushed further and deeper into the forests where they had to adapt to their new surroundings.

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Preservation of the Amazon rainforests began in the 1980s, though people started speaking out on the problem in earlier eras. The plight of the Amazon Indians was also discussed. It became clear that these people needed help if they hoped to continue living in their native areas. If the rainforests were continued to be pillaged, these people would never survive.

Efforts into saving the rainforests also target these people. There are now areas in the Amazon where loggers and companies aren't allowed to enter. These are considered the native or natural habitats of those people. It's the only way to preserve their lifestyle and ensure that the tribes continue to exist in the future.

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